Marco Rubio passes Ted Cruz for endorsement lead

Over the past year, Ted Cruz has led the field in endorsements from sitting Republican state legislators. That provided a different narrative than Congressional endorsements, where Jeb Bush and then Marco Rubio led for a long time.

No longer. The Republican party is turning to Rubio very rapidly, as can be seen below:


In the past two weeks, Marco Rubio has accumulated an unprecedented haul of endorsements and is now the clear frontrunner, passing by Cruz. As of today, he has 301, or 41% of those making endorsements. Cruz has 258, or 35%.

For the rest of the candidates, the endorsement race has been very static. Kasich hasn’t had many new endorsements since early December and is stuck around 100. The same is true of Trump, who has barely got any new endorsements in 2016. Ben Carson has collected a mere 2 endorsements.


These new endorsements are certainly welcome news for Rubio as the party seems to be rapidly coalescing around him as the alternative to Trump. Is it, however, too little and too late?


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